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Location: Lima – Perú.
Project Area: 5,500m2.
Project Year: 2012.
Collaborators: Ali Malkawi, Peter McCleary – PHL  / Victor Marquez – CDMX.

When the empty space becomes content, experience and fantasy, the other and the self, externality and interiority.

The urban Limenian contrast, makes us think in a building also contrasted in its tectonic looking for a sensory and homogeneous reduction: as a result of sophisticated comfort elegance characterized by residential architectural distinction memory Pezet Avenue. The architectural concept is the hierarchy of the served and servant spaces to allows freedom and spatial fluidity given by the walls of lateral support allowing the aerodynamic performance of the building as seen in studies of wind (CFD) in sustainability. The lateral masses fade into heaven through endless lines aligned with each other, creating a gap between them is the vacuum being delimited creates a lyrical space analogy to the garden opposite the Lima Golf. 10 volumes of light suspended as opposed to the mass containing floating gardens: recreational landscapes between trees and swimming pools: intimate spaces that differentiate each inhabitant by its topography and design. MATERIALITY Transformations between the permanent the ephemeral materiality transitions between mass and lightness, landscapes that are integrated through transparent panels that glide generating degrees of privacy. Glass screens capture and refract light in brightness variations of suspended boxes give the building an almost mythological character ethereal and remove weight consistency in reaction to the weight of life itself.