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Location: Rorhmoser, San José – Costa Rica.
Project Area: 3,600m2.
Project Year: 2017.

UNO is our first building. UNO for its location on Avenue 1 and Avenue 1. We believe in the need to integrate architecture into the environment, therefore, a building that responds to the park in front with a height no greater than the jacaranda tree. We create a column tectonic dialogue with trees, both random. UNO is also a viewpoint to El Parque del Café, bathed in northern light, climatically beneficial. A facade modulated under the golden section, asymmetrical in section and composition, random in its chromaticism contrasted by the yellow tiles and the emptying of the concrete, give it an artisanal character that we seek as the main ingredient. The windows enter and exit, giving shadows that change as the day warms in monolithic glass frames.

There are 9 units, two per floor and a penthouse, elevated by a vegetation socket, we delimit the parking lots. At the same time, we celebrate the pedestrian giving it urban scale and rest by the bench in the corner that greets the park.

The top of the building differs subtly from the other units by having a greater height that gives the model hierarchy. UNO ends and is integrated into the sky by a flat beam as a railing and end where the condominium recreation area is located. A terrace with trees waving to the West framed by the large vertical plate of concrete we watch the sunset.