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Location: Barrio Otoya, San José – Costa Rica.
Project Area: 3,150m2.
Status: Preliminary design.

DUO is architecture and landscape. It is an exclusive residential building with 8 duplex units with a gourmet restaurant on the square level. Framed by an undulating architectural topography makes DUO a unique project in the historic district of San José. The particularity of the project is to be able to enter the homes through the garden of trees and endemic species of the central valley leading to its large double-height roofed terraces recreating the typology of the single-family home entering through the garden.

We believe that the quality of life improves when you live in front of natural spaces. Being Bolivar Park the natural lung of San José, Duo is a “viewpoint” and “reflect” of its botanical garden, helping to reduce carbon emissions; the principle of sustainability and urban regeneration. In tune with Rutas Naturbanas Duo wants to be part and generator of a change.

Its tropical character responds to a direct relationship with the climate, the spatial conformation of the double-height apartments makes a direct and continuous interaction with the landscape and mountains of the Central Valley, making this project an innovative example as a sustainable cosmopolitan and urban solution.