Our philosophy

Our work consists of materials, adaptation to a specific site and client needs.  Creating spaces with a unique pursuit towards satisfaction. Tectonic gives way to envision a new craftsmanship as tools for differentiation; a "tailored" solution. We look into architecture seeking synthesis. Our goal is to understand program integrating human conditions towards wellness.

Jaime Rouillon Architecture is a group of architects seeking differentiation by the experience as a result of drawing exercise, memory and traveling as the basis of a creative process.

The context itself of a city "hybrid and arbitrary" serves for experimentation because there is nothing written, but rather an introspection to find an identity that contains a variety of possibilities within limited resources.

We search the essence between the site and architecture, between matter and space, a continuous contrast between complex relations that enhance the architectural language, setting one project apart from the other. The constant dialogue and drawing process, inspire a collective dialogue where we always find the intimacy of the spaces we create